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Dhaka University DU honours admission test Arts Law and Social Science (Kha) unit, Business studies (Ga) unit and Science (KA) unit result has been published on 28 March 2024, avarage pass rate 11%. The Arts, Law and Social Science unit, Business Studies unit, Science unit and Fine Arts unit admission test gradually held on 23 February, 24 February, 01 March and 09 March 2024.

The admission committee has checked the exam sheet and prepared the result database. Generally 3-4 more weeks require to complete these task for each unit.



Result 2023-2024 : Dhaka University (DU) Arts, Law and Social Science (Kha) unit, Science (Ka) unit, Business studies (Ga) unit and Fine arts (Cha) unit admission test result has been published on 28 March 2024.

In this year, total 1,12,225 candidates applied for Kha unit where available seat is 2,934. Ka unit applicants were 1,22,080 and seat 1,851. DU 'Cha' unit candidates 7,037 where available seats 130 and Ga unit candidates were 37,660 for 1050 seats. The students participate to the admission test at the 56 exam center in the Dhaka University campus and seven divisional exam center around the country.

Applicants can see 'Ka', 'Kha' 'Ga' and 'Cha' unit admission test seat plan here .



Dhaka University Kha, Ga, Ka and Cha unit written (MCQ) test held gradually in 23 & 24 February, 01 & 09 March. DU written exam has been started from 23 February by 'Arts, Law and Social Science' unit.

Dhaka University (DU) honours 1st year admission test 2023-2024 application procedure was finished on 05 January 2024.

DU already published admission test result for few units.

See Your DU Admission Result

The DU 'Ka', 'Kha', 'Ga' and 'Cha' unit result is available in DU official website. To get your result login with necessary information then you can see your result.

You can get your result by mobile. To get result on your mobile, just type on your message option- DU<Space>Unit name<Space>Roll No. and send it to 16321.

For Science unit: DU SCI 123456.

For Fine arts unit: DU FRT 123456

For Arts, Law and Social Science unit: DU ALS 123456

For Business studies unit: DU BUS 123456




Dhaka University Honours 1st Year Admission Available Seats in 2024:

 Ka Unit (Science)  1,851
 Kha Unit (Arts, Law & Social Science)  2,934
 Ga Unit (Business Studies)  1,050
 Cha Unit (Fine Arts)  130
 Total Seat  5,965




Business Studies (Ga) Unit 2023-24:  Dhaka university has published 'Ga' unit result in 28 March 2024. Total 4,582 candidates passed from 'Ga' unit and success rate 13.33%. Total 33,367 candidates was appeared on admission test against 1,050 seats under 'Ga' Unit. Total applicants were 37,660.




Arts, Law and Social Science (Kha) Unit 2023-24:

The admission test of DU "Kha" unit was held on 23 February and the result published 28 March 2024. In this year, total 10,000 candidates passed from Kha unit and success rate 10.07%. Their subject choose form fill up will be started from --- March. Total 1,22,080 candidates were appeared on admission test for 2,934 seats under Kha Unit. Students must fill-up details form and subject choose form from ---- to ---- 2024.




Science (Ka) Unit Result 2023-24:

Ka Unit admission test held 01 March 2024. Total 1,09,363 candidates participate for 1,851 available seats. Total 9,723 candidates successfully passed in MCQ and written exam where success rate 08.89%. DU Ka Unit result published in 28 March 2024. The selected students submit subject choose form with in --- to --- 2024.



Fine Arts (Cha) Unit Result 2023-24:

Total 530 candidates passed from Fine arts unit. The result published in 28 March 2024 and Total 4,510 more candidates was appeared  to the exam the exam was held on 09 March 2024. Cha unit has available 130 seats.


About Dhaka University

Dhaka University, also known as the University of Dhaka, is a renowned public research university located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Established in 1921 during the British colonial period, it is the oldest and largest university in Bangladesh.

Key Information about Dhaka University:

Academic Departments: The university offers a wide range of academic disciplines across numerous faculties, including arts, science, social sciences, business studies, biological sciences, engineering and technology, fine arts, law, pharmacy, and more.

Faculties: Dhaka University has many faculties, which include Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Business Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Sciences and Research.

Campuses: The university operates from multiple campuses within Dhaka city. The main campus, known as the Shahbagh Campus or Central Campus, houses administrative buildings, academic departments, libraries, and other facilities. Additionally, there are several other specialized campuses, such as the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) campus, the Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET) campus, and the Dhaka University of Fine Arts campus.

Academic Programs: Dhaka University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in various fields. It provides degrees such as Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Laws (LLB), and more. The university is also involved in research activities across different disciplines.

Notable Alumni: Dhaka University has produced numerous accomplished individuals who have made significant contributions to various fields. Some notable alumni include Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, renowned economist Rehman Sobhan, celebrated filmmaker Tareque Masud, and renowned writer and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed, among many others.

Dhaka University holds a prominent position in the academic landscape of Bangladesh and continues to contribute to the country's intellectual, cultural, and social development.

Admission test result of others unites gradually published among few days after taking the admission test.

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