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There are 108 private university in the Bangladesh under the Private University Act-2010 and 99 are active. There are reputed and reported both types of university exist among them. Most of them are reputed and few of them are reported. Students must be aware before admit to ensure their bright future. Guardian must be aware, a wrong decision in the special moment can be destroy their child's potential bright future.

The private universities obedient to follow the rules of the Ministry of Education Bangladesh.  



Specially the University Grand Commission (UGC) rule and control all the private and public university of Bangladesh. The UGC ensure the quality of education of them. 


Around the last few year and recently some private universities has not follow the rules of UGC perfectly. UGC and Ministry of education already sent them warning letter to follow the rules and even UGC published warning notice through the news media mentioned the name of universitis to be aware the students and guardian about private university admission.


The students and their guardian must have to know which universities are following the rules of UGC and ensuring the quality of education and who are not.



If any students want to admit in the private university they and their guardian should collect the information about the university from the reliable source.


Private University Admission Warning of UGC and Ministry of Education, Bangladesh


The reliable source could be existing and ex. students of the university, news media, UGC and Ministry of education's published warning notice. share here the status of few private universities who are known as reported in the mentioned topics. Basically it is a warning notice for the students and guardians and UGC published it in 19 January 2023.


private university admission warning ugc


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