Last update: May 18, 2017

Alormela is a popular web portal look like any other common world class secure website and even assigned SSL Certificate with it. We have informed you that when you visit Alormela, several of your information are collected and stored in Alormela and few third-party service providers also who are connected to us. We are trying to describe here what types of information are collected for which purpose.

You can see our terms of service and security advice to know more.

Privacy Policy: 

Collected Visitor Data:

1.1. Alormela never share or sale their database (like mobile no, email address, password, personal information, IP etc) to anybody.

1.2. Alormela never share subscribed email to third party.

1.3. Alormela never share comments email to others and it will not be visible for public.

2. Log Information: Alormela automatically collect and store several information in the server logs. The collected log information are as follow- internet protocol (IP), device information, browser type, the date and time of visited URL etc.

3. Third Party Plugins and Services: Alormela uses following third party plugins and services and they collect some personal data like Cookies and similar technologies for the following purpose.

3.1. Google  Analytics: 

# Alormela uses Google Analytics service to track the site traffic and determine visitor activities and status.

# Google may share the analytics data with Google Adsense service.

# Google collect the information under the following Privacy and Policy

# You can disallow Analytics Service following the rules

3.2. Google Adsense:

# Adsense is an Google advertising service which is using to Alormela to display ads. Google AdWords and doubleClick service works behind it.

# Google Adsense collects cookies and usage data to display relevant advertisement that visitors may like. You can see Google Adsense Privacy Policy to know more about it. 

# You can disable this service following this rules.

3.3. Infolinks: 

# Infolinks is an another advertising service which is using to Alormela beside Google Adsense.

# Infolinks collect cookies and usage data to display relevant advertisement to visitor under following Privacy Policy.

# You can disallow infolinks ads if you want. Each Infolinks ad has a small question mark on either the bubble or the banner. To turn off Infolinks your readers can click on the question mark. The click will direct the visitor to the “Learn more about Infolinks” page; inside this page your visitors can choose to opt out and disable Infolinks ads from their browser.

3.4.Social Plugins: Some renowned social website's plugin (like Facebook, google plus, linkdin, twitter etc) are used in Alormela. They may collect visitors cookie data according to their Privacy Policy.

# Knowledge base: 

# Cookie: Web cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in the user's web browser while the user is browsing.

4. Children’s Safety: Alormela is working on education and we are always aware about children’s safety. Alormela does not publish any types of children prohibited content here. All contents are published and all personal data are collected respecting the ‘Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)’. 

Please contact us or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any question, complain, or suggestion.


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