Bangladesh is a developing country in South Asia. Economical strangth of the country is increasing day by day. In the country there are a lots of private commercial bank working under central bank Bangladesh Bank. Those commercial banks are operating all over the country with a large number of branches.

Specialized Development Banks are specially degined for some special sector. Some banks are designed for agriculture and some are for extending industrial loans. Also there are some specilized banks working for development of the country.

There are a lots of Private Commercial Bank working in Bangladesh. All are customer focused and professional in service. Also 9 foreign commercial banks are operating in Bangladesh. They have different products and service culture to serve the customers.

Aamra Technologies Limited IPO submssion will be start from April 01, 2012 and will close oo April 05, 2012. Subcripcribtion for NRB from April 01, 2012 to April 14, 2012. Face value per share Tk. 10.00 and offer price per share Tk. 24 (Including Tk. 14 premium).

Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) listed trading company name and trading code arranged alphabetically. As this list is alphabetically arranged, so it is not changing frequently. When a new company listed into this list we change as soon as listed into DSE trade list.