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Sylhet is a major city of Bangladesh situated in north-eastern side. Sylhet is located on the banks of the Surma River and is surrounded by the Jaintia, Khasi and Tripura hills.

shrine of hazrat shah jalal


This is one of the largest city with the population a history of conquests and heritage from different types of cultureof 500,000 people. The place is famous for its tea garden and tropical forests. Here the climate is humid subtropical with a predominantly hot and humid summer and cool winter.

Sylhet is a great place for tourists. Hills, Tea garden and waterfalls always attract tourists. Tamabil-Jaflong is a beautiful place of sylhet. Tamabil is a boarder outpost on Sylhet-Shilong road about 50 km. far from the town. It is located on Bangladesh-India Boarder. Its waterfalls and charming beauty is is very attractive. Kalibari is another beautiful place at Jaflong which is one of the 51 Sakthi peet.

tea garden sylhet

Sri Mangal is a famous place of sylhet for its largest tea gardens of the world coverd by lush green carpet. The spectacular tea processing at tea research institute any one can have a look. Because of huge tea productions, it called "the land of two leaves and a bud". It is also called camellia, green carpet and tea mountain.


Lawacherra Rain Forest is one of the important and well reserved forest in the country. This is a nice place for deers, leopard, wild chicken, python, squirrel and many kind of birds. Only rare chloroform tree of Asia is here and it is main attraction to travelers.

Tilagor is famous for a large hills, tea garden, eco park. Madhabkunda is a another famous place for tourists. Here lush tea estate and full of water lilies is a full one. Madhabkunda water fall is the main attraction to tourists.


Special Attractions:-

Greeva Peet – Mahalaksmi Peet


Lawacherra Rain Forest


Shirne of Hazrat Shah Jalal

Sri Mangal



How to go:-

Transport of sylhet is very easy way to reach there. There is an international Airport in sylhet, so you can fly from there by different airlines. Train is another comfortable service from sylhet. Bus is available to reach over there. Any one also can borrow a car from different rent a car company.


Where to stay:-

Hotel Grand Sultan

Al Hamara Holiday Homes

Zastat Holiday Resort

Nazimgarh Resort

Galaxy Inn

Hotel Dallas

Hotel Fortune Garden

Rose View Hotel

Nirvana Inn

Surma Valley Rest House

Bangladesh Tea Research Institute

Hotel Taj Mahal, Srimangal

Tea Resort, Srimangal

Nishorgo Eco Resort, Srimangal

Vacation Resort, Srimangal

Central Guest House

Hotel Chief.

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