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Cox’s Bazar is an important tourist spot in Bangladesh. The economy of Cox’s Bazar depended on tourism. It is a district headquarters in Chittagong division and well known for its wide sandy beach.

Coxs Bazar Sea Beach

This beach is world’s largest beach in the world and is around 150 km long. Cox’s bazaar is also known for fishing port.

Cox’s bazaar situated 150 km south from Chittagong. It is bounded by Bakkhali River on the north and east, Bay of Benglal in the West, and Jhilwanj Union in the south.


Sea beaches are the main attraction of Cox's Bazar For tourists. it is a most beautiful place for recreation. Laboni Beach is consider main beach of cox's Bazar and it is in central location also closed to the town. This is a crowdy beaches with tourists. There are some shop around the beach to buy attractive things.

Another beautiful beach for tourists is Inani Beach. The beach is famous for its golden sand and natural beauty. Inani Beach is about 32 km south of cox's Bazar town.

Himchori is the most attractive place to tourists because the the road to himchori runs by the beautiful green hills on the side and open blue sea on the other side.

Himchori sea beach

The water fall from green hill is amazing in Himchori. Himchori National Park is a beautiful tropical rain forest which evergreen.

The park is attractive to tourists and biologist as well. It has high forest, low forest with grassland. The park is also known as paradise of birdwatcher many kind of birds are living here. It is situated 12 km south of Cox's Bazar town.Those are a god place for holiday and for other recreation.

Tourist Attractions in Cox's Bazar:-

Aggmeda Khyang


Dulhazra Safari Park

Laboni Beach


Inani Beach


Sonadia Island


St. Martin's Island





How to go: By road you can reach to cox's Bazar from Chittagong as it is connected with around 150 km high way. By air you can also fly to cox's Bazar. Biman Bangladesh Airlines, GMG airlines, United Airways are operating their flight.


Where to stay:-

Seagull Hotel

Hotel Kollol

Hotel Sea Palace

Saint Martin Resort

Hotel Daffodil International

Hotel Shaibal

Motel Probal

Hotel Coral Reef

Hotel Panowa

Nitol Bay Resort

beach resort

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