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Today we are going to share how to write a simple and single page marriage CV which can be helpful for you, your family members, friends or relatives as well as we also share a customizable marriage CV template as Microsoft word file under attachments to download.



There are slide differences between marriage CV and professional CV. Marriage is not a periodical job, it's a bonding within two person even two families for the whole life. So the family backgrounds and their beliefs are important here than the professional skills and reference. In this case you should include details about your family members instead of professional skills, trainings etc. Family background of your father and mother both side can be included for south Asian countries, especially for Muslims.

Verifiable present and permanent address must be included in the marriage CV. You must write traditional educational qualification but don't forget to include religious thinks and qualifications.



Looks and hobby is an important factor for the marriage. So include what do you like to do and what do not.

A recent snapped colour 3R/4R photo should be attached with the CV when you will send the CV to some one.

Download Marriage CV

marriage cv biodata format for Bangladesh India Pakistan

The marriage biodata format is given below as MS Word file.



Download this alormela word document file Marriage CV Format (color) 
Download this alormela word document file Mariage CV Format (simple)
Download this alormela word document file --  --
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