Ramadan Calendar 2022 is available here. You can see or download Ramadan ul Mubarak (Ramzan/ramadan) calendar to know iftar and sehri timetable of Bangladesh.

As corona virus case increasing day by day Bangladesh Government announced lockdown. This is a full lockdown and Bangladesh Government announced 1-week in whole country starting from April 14, 2021. During this time all movement will be restricted except few emergencies. All movement will be controlled and if anything urgent, movement will be possible with a approved pass only.

Close up 1 2012 audition is going to start. Few days earlier registration process has been finished all over the country and abroad. Now time for audition to select Close up 1 2012 singer. Audition for Dhaka Division is being started from September 3, 2012.

Government of The People's Republic Bangladesh, Department of Immigration and Passports has give all Bangladeshi a great opportunity to apply for a machine readable passport (MRP). It is a easy way to get a passport for all Bangladeshi with out any troube like before.


Happy Bangla New Year 1419

- Alormela Team