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Barishal is a division of Bangladesh which is situated southern part of the country and on the bank of Arialkha River. It is bounded by Dhaka in north, chittagong in the east, Khulna in the west and bay of Bengal in the south.

barisa square


The division has hundred of rivers and green field every where. Its field is very fertile. The place is famous for production of rice. It is also well known for Guava, Pepper, mastered, sesame, beans, betel nut, betel leaf and coconut. As it has hundred of rivers, it is best for river tour, monsoon tour, walking tour, photography tour, cycling tour and house stay.

Kuakata is a beautiful sea beach in Barishal and about 320 km from Dhaka and 75 km from Patuakhali district. Kuakata is famous for long wide beach in typical natural setting, fair and festivals during 'rush purnima' and 'maghi purnima', migratory birds in the winter season, large buddha statue, ancient buddhist temple, customs and costomes of the 'rakhyne community.

The prime attraction of Kuakata Beach is Sun rising from the sea ant setting into it which is unique in the world.


Attractive Places in Barishal: There are a lots of attractive place in Barishal, some are given below:-



Samadhi Mandir

Sujabad Kella

Sangram Kella

Sharkal Fort

Girja Mahalla

Bell's Park

Ebadullah Mosq

 barisal floating market

How to go:-

Bus: BRTC tourist bus from Dhaka to Kuakatha, there are some local transportation service from Dhaka to Patuakhali and Patuakhali to Kuakatha.

Air: You can fly from Dhaka to Barishal by air and then to Kuakata by road via Patuakhali.

Water: You can reach there by watching the beauty of river by launch and steamer.


Where to stay:-

There are some hotel to stay and also Bangladesh Parjaton Corporation has tourist resort to stay there.

Hotel Ababil

Hotel Ali International

Hotel Athena International

Paradise Hotel.

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