Select your language is one of the top popular career and educational portal in Bangladesh. After a huge number of requests, we have started Alormela advertisement program for our valuable clients. So now you can promote your business product, service or website with Alormela.

Why you will advertise with Alormela?

1. Alormela is a trusted and most popular website in Bangladesh.

2. We have a large number of unique visitors (estimate visitor 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 per month) and pageviews (estimate page view 7,00,000 to 12,00,000 per month) in Bangladesh and worldwide.

3. Most of visitors of Alormela are higher educated person, teachers, students, jobseekers, jobholder, employer, tourist and business person.

4. Fair advertisement policy, highlighted ad place, cheap rate, easy business promotion, value of your money and good customer support.

5. No hidden fees.

6. Spamming free and SEO friendly website.

7. Visitor friendly ad size also your desire ad type and size acceptable.

8. Mobile friendly clean and responsive web design.

9. 100% uptime website.

Visitors info:  Around 80% more traffic of the website are ogranic search traffic and others are direct, social and referral traffic. About 70% of them use mobile device and 25% use desktop computers to visit this site.

Tk. 100 = USD 1 by October 2022 (Estimate)

Available payment options in Alormela

 Bank transfer and bank deposit also acceptable.

Available Discount:

Discount Specification Period (Month)
50 % For first time order (New order) Any period
40 % For renewal order 4 months or above
35 % For renewal order. Up to 3 months


 Attention: Contact us to be ensured availability of your desire ad position and then make payment.


Advertisement areas: All pages and menu

Note: Alormela is a mobile friendly responsive website. So ad position varies depending on user device.

Ad Position Width X Hight Rate/Month Ad Code
Ad Place 1 700 X 150 Tk. 30,000 D1
Ad Place 1 700 X 100 Tk. 25,000 M1
Ad Place 2 300 X 300 Tk. 20,000 D2
Ad Place 2 300 X 250 Tk. 18,000 M2
Ad Place 2 300 X 150 Tk. 15,000 S2
Ad Place 3* 600 X 100 Tk. 35,000 D3*
Ad Place 4 700 X 200 Tk. 12,000 D4
Ad Place 4 700 X 150 Tk. 10,000 M4
Ad Place 4 700 X 100 Tk. 9,000 S4
Ad Place 4 700 X 70 Tk. 8,500 ES4
Ad Place 5 700 X 200 Tk. 10,000 D5
Ad Place 5 700 X 150 Tk. 9,000 M5
Ad Place 5 700 X 100 Tk. 8,000 S5
Ad Place 5 700 X 70 Tk. 7,000 ES5
Ad Place 6 300 X 250 Tk. 6,500 D6
Ad Place 6 300 X 200 Tk. 5,500 M6
Ad Place 6 300 X 150 Tk. 4,500 SM6
Ad Place 6 300 X 100 Tk. 3,500 S6
Ad Place 6 300 X 70 Tk. 2,000 ES6


Position of all ad places shown below in image

Advertisement on 'Home' Page:

Rate 60% will be reduced from above rate mentioned to display ad only on home page. Only D1, D2, D3, D4, D5 and D6 type ad is applicable for home page.

Advertisement on all pages & menus except 'Home' Page:
Rate 30% will be reduced from above rate mentioned to display ad in all pages and menu of Alormela except home page.

Custom Ad Size: Contact us to provide your desire size and type's customized banner, text or video ad here. Rate for custom ad size will be fixed by negotiating.

Order now or Contact Us to know more:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Screenshot of Ad Position:

alormela advertisement 1 2


** CPM, CPA & CPC based ad firm or ad agency not acceptable.

** Adult Ad not acceptable.


Terms and Condition:

1. Banner format JPEG, PNG, GIF or Flash accepted.

2. Banner file size should not exceed over 75kb.

3. It is a responsive website with device screen size. So banner will be displayed as responsive formate.

4. 50% of total payment must be paid before advertisement displayed. (Applicable for order 2 months or above)

5. Remaining amount must be paid before the end of half period of agreement.

6. Full payment must be paid before advertisement displayed. (Applicable only for 1 month order)

7. VAT & TAX is not included with above price list.


Last Updated: October 02, 2022 & update will not be affected on existing order.

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