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Jahangirnagar University 1st year honors admission test result 2023-24 for "B, E & IBA" unit has been published on 01 March 2024. The "D" unit result already published on 28 February, "C" unit result on 27 February, "C1" unit result on 26 February and "A" unit result on 23 February 2024". Generally JU result published with in two days of ending exam. JU admission test will be ended on 29 February. You can get the result from here.

JU will announce A, B, C, D, E and IBA unit result for session 2023-2024 with in 2 days after finishing the exam. The exam of A, C1, C, D, B, IBA and E units of all shifts are going to held gradually.



JU admission test for session 2023-24 has been started from 22 February 2024.

Recently A unit admission test has been completed on 22 February, C1 & C Unit on 25 February, D unit on 27 & 28 February and B unit, IBA, E unit on 29 February 2024.



Admission test result is being published unit wise after finishing that respected units' exam. The selected candidates of C1 unit only can set for viva exam.

See Seat Plan and Routine from Here


See your result arranged unit wise here.

JU A, C1, C, D, B, IBA and E Unit Admission Test Result 2023-2024 is being published end of the exam.



The admission result is divided by male and female group.

 Unit Name & Result Download Link  Seat  Result Published Date
Math, Physics & IIT   446  23 February 2024
 A Unit Result (Male)  223  
 A Unit Result (Female)  223  
 C-1 Unit Male  32  26 February 2024
 C-1 Unit Female  32  26 February 2024
C Unit (Faculty of Arts & Humanities):
    27 February 2024
 C Unit Male BICLC  15  
 C Unit Female BICLC  15  
 C Unit Male English Department  30  
 C Unit Female English Department  30  
 C Unit Male Science  55  
 C Unit Female Science  55  
 C Unit Male Humanities  68  
 C Unit Female Humanities  68  
 C Unit Male Business Studies  26  
 C Unit Female Business Studies  26  
Biology    28 February 2024
 D Unit Result (Male)  155  
 D Unit Result (Female)  155  
Social Science and Law:    02 March 2024
 B Unit Result (Male)  163  
 B Unit Result (Female)  163  
 IBA Unit Result Male  25  
 IBA Unit Result Female  25  
Business studies:    02 March 2024
 E Unit Non-Business Group Male  20  
 E Unit Non-Business Group Female  20  
 E Unit Business Studies Group Male  80  
 E Unit Business Studies Group Female  80  


In the meantime you can visit Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular

C-1 unit candidates are selected to attend for viva-voce. Check the viva notice and date here-

Login Here for Admission Test Result

You can get your result through the mobile SMS. To get result by mobile type on your message option: JU<space>R<space>Unit Code<space>Roll and send to 9934


Ex. JU R A 2546324 and send to 9934


Students can download A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I unit admission result after publishing from below as pdf file or Check the table above.

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