SSC Exam Result has been published in Thursday, 30 December 221, avarage success rate 93.58%. In this year the result published with in short time causes of short syllabus exam for the corona virus anfection arround the country. You can get the result from here.

Mr. Shorab Hossain, Sectratery of Education has inform the result's date in a press breifings. In this year every students and their guardian will get the result through the mobile SMS and website. Every body can get the result and latest update of SSC Examination Result 2021 from here.

Dakhil Exam Result 2021 and SSC Vocational Exam Result 2021 also published at same time.



SSC Result 2021: Mis. Dr. Dipu Moni, Minister of education, requested to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to allow result publishing day 28 to 30 December 2021. Prime Minister has chosen Thursday, 30 December 2021 to published to SSC and equivalent result.

HSC (College) Admission Circular & Application Process 2021-2022

On thatday morning at 10am the result copy handed over to Dr. Dipu Moni by the chairman of all education boards. At this time different sectratary of ministry of education and relevent higher level officer were present.

Generally honourable Prime minister received the result summary but she is now out of country now.



All education board has taken the examination at same time. Dakhil exam also taken the Dakhil examination under Bangladesh Madrasha Education Board and SSC Vocational exam under Bangladesh Technical Education Board.

 Education Board SSC, Dakhil and SSC Equivalent Result 2021

Total 22,40,395 students were appeared on SSC and equivalent exam where  2,92,569 from Madrasah board, --,--,--- students from Technical board, --,--,--- students from general education board and 11,42,094 are boys and 10,98,301 are girls among them.

SSC Result 2021:

SSC exam result has been published on 30 December 2021.

There are  20,96,546 students passed and success rate 93.58% and total 1,83,340 students achieved GPA 5 in 2021 that was 1,35,898 in 2020.

Board wise passed:- Dhaka Board 93.15%, Chittagong Board 91.12%, Rajshahi Board 94.71%, Sylhet Board 96.78%, Barishal Board 90.19%, Comilla Board 96.27%, Joshore Board 93.09%, Dinajpore Board 94.80%, Mymensingh Board 97.52% Madrasah Board 93.22% and Technical Board 88.49%. General education board's passed rate 94.08%.

Result available for 22,40,395 students were seat for the examination and successfully passed 20,96,546 students.

History of GPA-5 (A+) Achievement in the SSC Result

If you did not satisfied on your result or if you think someting is wrong with your result you can chellange your exam sheet with small fee. See how to chellange/ re scrutiny your result.

ssc result

In this year (2021) SSC exam has taken short time. Few days ago, Result Publication request was sent to Prime Minister for approval and she was approved for date 30 December. Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam was finished on the end of November 2021 and this examination is taken by Bangladesh Education Board, Ministry of Education.

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Please provide the names and locations of the institutins which obtained no pass in the SSC exam 2020. Thank you.
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