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SSC, Dakhil and SSC Vocational exam result 2024 is going to be announced 12 May 2024 and 1,82,29 students achieved GPA-5. The result calculation under "GPA" method in Bangladesh was started in 2001 by the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Exam Result. And in the 2003, GPA result system was started Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent level.

Before this time period the SSC and HSC level exam result was counted by Division system (1st division, 2nd division and 3rd division).



As example Average above 60% marks was awarded 1st division, 45% above mark 2nd Division and 33-44% was 3rd Division. Total upper 750 marks for all subjects was honoured as star marks and above 80% marks for each subjects was called latter marks. It was rare that any students ware achieved above 80% marks for all subjects.

Education Board Exam Result

There were some other dignity awarded for talent students like "Board Stand/Board Merit List" award. The top 20 students who achieved highest marks in their groups (Science, Arts, and Commerce) in each education board were placed in the special merit list for the year called. The radio, television highlighted them with honour.



In 2001, the government and the ministry of education took decision to published SSC result under GPA system following the western countries educational exam result system. In 2001, total 76 students only achieved GPA-5 (A+ grade) and 30 students were from Mymensingh Girls Cadet College from them and no students got A+ from technical or madrasah boards. Few years later it increased step by step. The GPA calculating system re-formed later too.

See the state GPA-5 or A+ grad achievement in the SSC exam result:

 GPA 5 Achivement in the SSC and Equivalent Exam Bangladesh

GPA-5 (A+) Achievement in the SSC Exam


Total GPA-5
  2001   76 Students
  2002   327 Students
  2003   1,389 Students
  2004   8,597 Students
  2005   15,631 Students
  2006   24,384 Students
  2007   25,732 Students
  2008   41,917 Students
  2009   45,934 Students
  2010   52,134 Students
  2011   62,288 Students
  2012   82,212 Students
  2013   91,226 Students
  2014   1,42,276 Students
  2015   1,11,901 Students
  2016   1,09,761 Students
  2017   1,04,761 Students
  2018   1,10,629 Students
 2019   1,05,594 Students
 2020   1,35,898 Students
  2021   1,83,340 Students
 2022   2,69,602 Students
  2023  1,83,578 Students
 2024  1,82,129 Students
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