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Awais Karni was a well-known saint of Yemen. He had none in the world except his blind and lame mother. So, much of his time was spent in helping her. For their livelihood he used to work as a cowherd at day time. The greater part of the night was spent in prayer and meditation. They were very poor. So he had to fast very often in order to help his poor neighbours. 

 A Dutiful Son


Awais Karni was a devoted follower of Hazrat Muhammad (Sm). But he did not have the good fortune to see him face to face. So he desired to see him at least for once. He would eagerly hold long talks with the pilgrims from Medina. He questioned them on all details about the Prophet’s life and teaching. As days went by, his desire for seeing the Prophet became stronger. So he went to his mother and asked her permission. His mother readily agreed and said, “Yes go and see the Prophet in his house and return quickly.”



Getting her permission he worked harder still. He had to make enough money both for his mother’s comfort and for his journey. At last making every arrangement for his mother’s comfort Awais left for Medina with his mother’s blessing. The distance between Yemen and Medina is about 400 miles. The journey In those days was very difficult and dangerous. But Awais faced these difficulties cheerfully. He had no time to think of his own troubles because his mother could not stay alone for long. So he made the journey as quickly as he could. At last he reached the Prophet house in Medina.



Forgetting all the troubles of the journey he very eagerly knocked at the door of the Prophet. Alas! The Prophet was not at home. Hazrat Ayesha (R) answered from within that the Prophet had gone to the mosque. He could go and meet him there.


“How can I do this?” thought Awais sorrowfully. His mother had instructed him to see the Prophet in his house and not in the mosque. Calling again he was told that the Prophet would not return home soon. So he would have to wait long. “But my mother asked me to return quickly. So how can I wait long?” thought he within himself. This made him very sad.



He thought for a while and became cheerful again. It became clear to him. His helpless mother needed him at home. So he must not leave her alone. He must go home without delay. He rose quickly and started on his homeward journey.

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