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Hazrat Hasan (R) was very pious and simple. One day while passing through a date-garden, he saw an Abyssinian slave. He was sitting in one corner of the garden with a small loaf of bread in his hand.

A hungry dog sat at a short of bread in his hand, A hungry dog sat at a short distance looking at him. The slave took a bit himself and then threw another bit to the dog. He did this for some time. So he actually ate one half and gave away the other half to the dog. 



Hazrat Hasan (R) was surprised at the behavior of the slave. So, he went to him and said, “The loaf is too small for two to eat. Why don’t you drive away the dog and eat the loaf yourself?” The slave was surprised to hear what he said, He looked up and said, “The dog is no less hungry than I am. So I don’t like to drive it away and eat the loaf alone.” 

Hazrat Hasan (R) was very pleased to find that the slave was so kind. 



He said to the slave, “What is the name of your master, please?” The slave told him the name of his master. 

“Wait here till I come back.” said Hazrat Hasan (R) The slave agreed to wait and Hazrat Hasan (R) returned and spoke to the slave, “Brother, I had been to your master. At my request he sold both you and this garden to me. So for your kindness to the dog, I set you free and give you this garden as a gift.” 



The slave was very glad to hear it. He thanked Hazrat Hasan (R) with his whole heart. Then with tears of joy in his eyes he said. “Hazrat, your kindness has made me free. You have also given the garden to me. I do not know how to repay you. I shall enjoy my freedom and remain ever grateful to you. But I return the garden to you. Please use it in God’s service.” 

date palm trees

Hazrat Hasan (R) too, was very happy to find the slave so good and noble. He thanked Almighty Allah and left the place. 


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