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Mokdum was a Fakir. He had a stick in one hand and a Tasbeh in the other. His eyes were bright and his sight was deep and keen. He used to eat whatever he got. He passed his night anywhere his night came. He spread his blanket there and lay on it. Sometimes, he spent the entire might in prayer.

The Sultan and the Fakir


Once on his way, the Fakir came to the Jam-e-Masjid of Patna. It was a Friday. There was a huge Jamat. There were the Nawab, the Amirs, the courtiers, the soldiers, the musafirs, the traders and all; there were people of all classes. Many had to sit outside the mosque.


After the Namaj, the Nawab said in his prayer. “Elahi give me more wealth, mote power and more honor.” Then he began to distribute money among the poor, the beggars, the Fakirs and all kinds of candidates, and all were pleased. Fakir Mokdum Shah alone was sitting with a grave face. Now, he got up and was about to leave the mosque.




Then Nawab called hem and said, “Take something, Fakir Sahib, please.”


But the Fakir did not stop. He said, “I don’t take anything from a beggar, who begs to Allah for power and earthly possessions.”


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