National University honours fourth/final year regular and special exam viva and practical exam date has been extended till 20 April 2022. The written exam was started from 29 December 2021. The university has declared a revised timeline and routine for regular students and special exam for them who were failed in the last 4th year final exam.
NU 4th year regular and special written exam will be ended in 17 February 2022 and viva held in March-April. See the routine here.
This schedule is applicable for BA, BSS, BBA, and BSc of honours 4th part.
NU students will get admit cards' signed copy with the digital signature.  Practical and oral teat date will be informed in due course of time.
Exam starting time 09:00 am according to the published new routine.
The exam will be finished on 17 February 2022. The routine already published and it is available to download from attachment. keep your eyes to get update and routine.

National University 4th year exam result

Revised Routine:

National university 4th year viva exam routine

NU Honours 4th year revised routine 2022

Original routine:

National University Honours 4th Year Exam Routine 2022

The exam will be taken following the direction of the ministry of education.


Honours 4th Year Special Exam Routine:

Honours final year special exam (old syllabus, year 2018, session 2019-20) has been started from 29 December 2021 and it will be ended on 16 February 2021.



Honours 4th year regular, irregular and grade inprovement exam (year 2020) has been started from 29 December 2021 and should be finished in 17 February 2022.

Please download the attach file from below for details routine. The exam center list also included in this file.


Download this alormela pdf file NU Honours 4th Year Exam Routine 2022 
Download this alormela pdf file NU Honours 4th Year Special Exam Routine
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It was a nice post when I first read. Do you know when publish nu honours 4th year revised routine? I think maybe change exam date for Feni cyclone...anyone here knows that news. ..then plz knock me...plz. Because I am confused
National University did not announced new date for postpone exam. You will get update here about it. So keep your eyes here or you can check NU official website. Thanks.
please inform me nu final year routine will be change or not.

Please give me the Changed routine if you have. thanking advance.
I have need clear information regarding Nu final year exam routine season.

It was a nice post when I first read. Do you know when publish nu honours 4th year routine?
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I collected my battered self
No matter how many times the end came about
Each time, I pushed myself on my own back
Worrying about the meaning in continuing
I’ll even quit being confused
I’ll draw the outline of the future; the straight ruler
Is made of the many braveries of yesterday
Overcoming the high wall that’s different from what I imagined
I advance toward the other side of the vanishing point
It’s a long winding road
I chose it on my own, not by anyone else
I burned with all of my dim dreams
Slashing apart the dark with their light
On the other side of the smashed wall
I can see my own sky
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