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Androcles was a slave. He had fled from his master’s house. One day he saw a lion in the forest. He was frightened at the sight of the lion and he began to rum. Going some distance he turned round. The lion did not follow him. It stood where it was. It looked at him and also at its paw.



Androcles was surprised. He turned beck and slowly went to the lion. The lion showed no sign of attacking him. It rather put out a bleeding paw towards him.

Androcles and The Lion 1

Androcles was a very kind-hearted man. He felt pity for the lion. So, without fear, Androcles examined the bleeding paw. He found a large thorn and pulled it out. Thus the lion was relieved of its pain.

Androcles and The Lion 2

The grateful lion led Androcles to his own cave. Every day the lion brought him food. So Androcles was quit safe in the lion’s cave for sometime. However, sometime after both Androcles and the lion were caught and taken to Rome.

Androcles and The Lion 3

Androcles was sentenced to death. The emperor decided to throw Androcles to the lion that was caught with him. The lion was not given any food for some days. On the appointed day, Androcles was thrown before the lion.

Androcles and The Lion 3.1

At first, the lion rushed at him. But coming near, he found out who he was. So, the lion knelt down before Androcles just like a faithful dog.

Androcles and The Lion 4

The whole town had gathered to see what would happen. The emperor was also present. He was greatly surprised when he saw this. So, he ordered Androcles to be brought before him.

Androcles and The Lion 5

Androcles told the emperor his story. Hearing everything, the emperor was much surprised. He ordered his men to free both the slave and the lion.



Thus Androcles won his freedom by helping a wounded lion.  

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