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Long ago, there lived a shepherd in a certain village. It was a very beautiful village by a wood. There were open spaces in the wood covered with soft green grass. There were hills of different sizes and heights all around.



The shepherd had a son. The boy was about twelve years old. He was very naughty and was fond of telling lies. His parents told him, “Do not tell lies.” But he did not follow their advice.

Every morning the boy used to go to the wood with his father’s flock of sheep.

He spent the whole day in the wood and tended the flock. In the evening, he drove his flock home.



Often the boy used to play a trick on the people. Now and then he would call out, “Wolf, Wolf!” At first the people believed him. They would run with sticks and come to his help. But they found the boy laughing.



The people did not believe him any more. They understood that the boy was making fun. So they decided not to go when he called in future.


boy cried wolf 01


One day a wolf really came. “The Wolf, the Wolf!” cried out the boy in great fear. But the people thought that he was playing the old trick again. So, no one went to help him.

The wolf killed many sheep and then jumped on the boy and tore him into pieces. Liars are not believed even when they speak the truth.


Boy Cried Wolf

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