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Islamic University (IU) is a public university in Bangladesh financially aided by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. It was formed in 1985 in Kushtia under the Islamic University Act of 1980 to promote the Islamic system of education in the country.

Islamic University started its academic activities on June 28, 1986.



Islamic University is one of the major public universities in Bangladesh and the largest seat of higher education in the south-west part of the country. It is a major international center for an excellent integration of Islamic Studies with the General Studies and Studies of Modern Science and Technology.

The university provides both the local and foreign students with the facilities of undergraduate studies, postgraduate research and teaching. The standard of teaching is high and the facilities both for academic and extracurricular activities are of good quality.

It is a campus oriented university, where the academic and administrative buildings, residential halls and gymnasium, central cafeteria and auditorium all are on one self-contained 175-acre site at Shantidanga-Dulalpur, beside the Kushtia-Khulna highway and about 24 kms south and 22 kms north of respectively the Kushtia and Jhenidah district-towns.



Islamic University
Islamic university logo
Islamic University
Kushtia, Bangladesh

Important Links of The University:

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Details of The University

Basic Information of Islamic University:

Total faculties: 05
Departments: 22
Total Student: 13000
Total Teacher: 600
Total Hall: 6
Total Institute: 1

Name of Faculties

Name of Departments

1. Faculty of Applied Science and Technology


1. Department of Applied Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering
2. Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology
3. Department of Computer Science and Engineering
4. Department of Information and Communication Engineering
5. Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
6. Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology
7. Department of Mathematics
8. Department of Statistics


2. Faculty of Business Administration


1. Department of Accounting and Information Systems
2. Department of Management
3. Department of Finance and Banking


3. Faculty of Humanities & Social Science


1. Department of Economics
2. Department of Arabic Language and Literature
3. Department of Bengali
4. Department of Islamic History and Culture
5. Department of English
6. Department of Politics and Public Administration

4. Faculty of Law and Shariah


1. Department of Law and Muslim Jurisprudence
2. Department of Al-Fiqh

5. Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies


1. Department of Al-Quran and Islamic Studies
2. Department of Dawah and Islamic Studies
3. Department of Al-Hadith and Islamic Studies


Degrees Offered:
Bachelors: BA, BTIS, BBA, BSS, LL.B, B.Sc.
Masters: MA, MTIS, MBA, MSS, LL.M, M.Sc.
Research: M.Phil, Ph.D
Name of Halls for Students:
1. Saddam Hossain Hall
2. Shahid Ziaur Rahman Hall
3. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall
4. Lalon Shah Hall
1. Khaleda Zia Hall
2. Begum Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall
Name of Institute:
1. Institute of Islamic Education and Research (IIER)
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