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Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) was established on 2003.It was established by the government with a major focus on engineering and technology.




Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology

CUET LogoChittagong University of Engineering and Technology
Pahartoli, Raozan-4349
Phone: +880-31-714946
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Important Links of The University:

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Details of The University


CUET is situated in the district of Chittagong, the major seaport and second largest city of the country. It is in the Pahartali union under Raozan upazilla, by the side of the Chittagong-Kaptai road some 25 kilometers from the center of Chittagong City.



The university campus covers an area of 169 acres. The campus of CUET is remarkable for its natural beauty; it's landscaped around a valley. Various plants and precious varieties make the CUET campus a natural arboretum.


Basic Information of ChittagongUniversity of Engineering and Technology (CUET)

Total faculties: 3

Departments: 11

Institution: 4

Total Dormitory / Hall: 5

Students: 3000

Name of Faculties & Departments:



1. Faculty of Architecture & Planning

1. Department of Architecture

2. Department of Urban and Rural Planning (URP)

3. Department of Humanities (Hum)

2. Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering

1. Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)

2. Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

3. Faculty of Engineering

1. Department of Civil Engineering (CE)

2. Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

3. Department of Petroleum and Mining

4. Engineering(PME)

5. Department of Physics (Phy)

6. Department of Chemistry (Chem)

7. Department of Mathematics (Math)

(New Department and Subject are being added in every year.)


Facilities include academic buildings, administration building, auditorium, library, computer center, workshop, research laboratories, halls of residence, teachers' quarter, canteens and central mosque.


Name of Institution:

1. Institute of Energy Technology

2. Center for Information and Communication Technology

3. Earthquake Engineering Research Center

4. Bureau of Research, Testing & Consultancy



B.Sc. admission in CUET is highly competitive, determined in part through a highly competitive admission test. After completion of higher secondary level (HSC) education, a student can submit an application for undergraduate admission if he or she fulfills the minimum requirement. Students with a minimum grade in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English of their higher secondary examination are allowed to appear in the admission test.


Last year, the minimum grade point average (GPA) requirement was 4.50 out of 5.00. This screening process allows 2,500–3,000 students to sit for the admission test out of the 20,000 that apply. After the admission test, the best 420 students get the opportunity to study in this institution.


For admission to M.S. and Ph.D. programs candidates are required to appear in interviews.


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