JahangirnagarUniversity (JU) established as a residential public university in 1970. It is the one and only residential university in the Bangladesh. The sprawling picturesque campus is situated 30 kilometers from the capital Dhaka, well linked with a national highway.



Jahangirnagar University with a dozen residential halls and a few more under construction is mandated to provide residential accommodation to each and every student with separate halls for the female students. Each hall has its own administrative system headed by a Provost and is equipped with facilities like playground, rooms for indoor games, the dining hall, etc. The area of Jahangirnagar University is 697.56 acres (2.823 kmĀ²).



Jahangirnagar University

JU Logo
Jahangirnagar University
Savar, Dhaka
Phone: 880-2-7791045-51
Fax: 880-2-7791052
Website: www.juniv.edu

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Details of The University


General Information of JahangirnagarUniversity:

Total faculties:  5

Departments:  30

Institutes:  03

Total Hall:  12 (Male- 7, Female- 5)

Students:  10500

Academic Staff:  2080

Faculties and Departments:

There are five faculties that offer undergraduate and graduate, M.Phil and PhD programs:

Name of Faculties

Name of Departments

1. Faculty of Arts and Humanities

1. English

2. Bangla

3. History

4. Philosophy

5. Drama & Dramatics

6. Archaeology

7. International Relations

2. Faculty of Biological Sciences

1. Botany

2. Zoology

3. Pharmacy

4. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

5. Microbiology

6. Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering

3. Faculty of Business

1. Finance & Banking

2. Marketing

3. Accounting & Information Systems

4. Management Studies

4. Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences

1. Physics

2. Chemistry

3. Statistics

4. Mathematics

5. Geological Sciences

6. Environmental Sciences

7. Computer Science and Engineering

5. Faculty of Social Sciences

1. Economics

2. Geography & Environment

3. government & Politics

4. Anthropology

5. Urban & Regional Planning

6. Public Administration


Institute Name:

1. Institute of Remote Sensing (IRS)

2. Institute of Information Technology (IIT)

3. Institute of Business Administration (IBA, JU)



Including bound volumes of periodicals, the library holds a huge collection of

- More than 90,000 volumes.

- It subscribes to more than 128 current foreign journals.


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