HSC and equivalent exam result 2021 (publishing 2022) would be published in the last week of January 2022. The exam has been taken in 02 December to 30 December 2021.

In the last year the HSC and equivalent exam had not been taken for panemic infection. The result was prepared on their JSC and SSC exam result but everybody was announced as passed (Auto Pass). Students are requested not to gather at their educational institute, rather they can get their results by mobile phone and online. Also pre registration available by SMS.

Minister of Education Ms. Dipu Moni has announced that the authority is trying to publish the result with in January 2022.

Before the publishing result, Mrs. Dipu Moni, the Minister of Education will handover the result document to Prime Minister at the morning and than he inform the summary of result in a press briefing at 10am.

HSC, BM (Business Management), DIBS and Alim (Madrasha) Examination 2020 in Bangladesh was not possible to take.

Normally HSC exam result should be published within 60 days of finishing the examination.



HSC, HSC (Vocational/Technical), BM (Business Management) and Alim (Madrasha) Examination result is available on the Education Board and Education Board Official Website and all colleges/madrasha.

You can get your result from here:  

Bangladesh Education Board HSC Result 2022

The result also will be available by mobile phone IVR system. Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Comilla, Barisal, Jessore, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Madrasah and Technical board publishes the result in same day.



How to collect HSC Exam Result 2022 by Mobile SMS?

Go to your mobile message option and type HSC for general and technical board and Alim for Madrasha <space> First three letter of your board <Space> Your roll> Passing year then send it to 16222.


For HSC: HSC<space>Raj<space>123456<space>2020

for Alim: Alim<space>Mad<space>123456<space>2020

For Technical Result: HSC<space>Tec<space>123456<space>2020

Send the messege to 16222.

See HSC, Alim, BM Result 2020 Statistics

In this year total 13,67,377 students appear to HSC and equivalent exam from the 8104 academic institution through the 2454 exam hall and successfully passed 13,67,377 students. Total 11,45,329 students attend to exam from general education board, ...... students from madrasah education board, ..... students from Bangladesh technical education baord and ..... DIBS students has appeared this exam.

HSC Exam Result

HSC and Equivalent Exam Result (2020):

In this year overall pass rate 100% and 1,61,807 students have scored GPA 5.

General Board HSC pass rate is --.--%, Madrasha Board Alim pass rate ---% and HSC Technical Board pass rate ----%.

In the eight education board, Rajshahi Board --.--% which is the highest, Dhaka Board pass ...%, Sylhet Board --.--%, Dinajpore Board --.--%, Barishal Board ....%, Chittagong Board --.--%, Comilla Board --.--% and Jessore Board ....% which is the lowest.

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