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Standard Bank Limited is going to provide Educational Scholarship 2017 in the whole country as a part of their social liabilities. The students will eligible to apply who have passed Primary Somapony (PEC), JSC and SSC or equivalent exam in 2016.

Duration of the Scholarship: 1 Year (Monthly or Yearly)

Last date of Apply: 22 October 2017

Amount of Scholarship of different educational level students:




Passed Exam Scholarship Amount per Month Scholarship Amount per Year
PEC or Equ. 800 Taka 9,600 Taka
JSC or Equ. 1100 Taka 12,000 Taka
SSC or Equ. 1200 Taka 14,400 Taka


Eligibility of Applicants:



1. Yearly income of applicants or students family must be lower than 1,20,000 taka.

2. Student's rewarded exam result must be GPA 5.00 without fourth subject. But GPA 4.00 for autism students.

3. If any students already got scholarship from any other non-government source they will not eligible to get this scholarship.

Download Application form

Fill-up and then send it to mentioned address in the circulation file.

standard bank scholarship



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