Total 33 public university of Bangladesh has taken decision to take cluster admission from the year 2020-2021. University Grand Commission UGC arranged a meeting with of all the Vice Chancellor of public universities in 26 February 2020 and there 33 university has agreed to go cluster admission system.



But renowned 6 universities has refused to take cluster admission for their internal issue.
HSC and equivalent result publishing has been delayed for Covid-19 infection and the result could be published on December 2020. So, the cluster admission circular may be published on the last week of December 2020.



How the cluster admission test will be taken?

The admission test will be arranged under four cluster method.
1. General Public University
2. Science and Technology University
3. Engineering University
4. Agricultural University

Total 6 admission test will be taken under the cluster admission test method.

► Three for general Public Universities (each for Science, Humanities and Business Studies)
► One for Science and technology Universities
► One for Engineering Universities
► And one for Agricultural Universities.

All public university and medical admission test and application schedule

Public University Cluster Admission Circular

The Universities who are not included in the Cluster admission method?

The six public university will take traditional individual admission instead of cluster admission method and they are-
1. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology BUET
2. University of Dhaka DU
3. Jahangirnagar University JU
4. Rajshahi University RU
5. Chittagong University CU
6. Islamic University, Kustia KU
The students have to apply separately to attend admission test in this these six universities.

Cluster Admission Circular 2020-21: Public university cluster admission circular 2020-2021 may be announced on the last week of December 2020. The application could be received till the mid of January 2021 and admission test can be taken in February. But everything is dependable on situation of pandemic covid-19 infection in the country.
The details circular and application instruction will be available here for the cluster admission method.

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