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House # 6, Road # 1,
Block - F, Banani, Dhaka -1213,
Tel : 8858734-5,
Mob : 01732764871, 01819891431

DIU-Dhaka International University is one of the established and leading non-govermant universities in Bangladesh.

The intial plan began in 1994 but the university was established in 1995.It is now operated as government apporoved university under the Non-Goverment University Act of 1992 (as amended in 1998).



Dhaka International University, rated among the top private universities of Bangladesh, is an institution that promotes eastern culture and values, and meaningfully blends eastern and western thought and innovation. As an institution of higher learning that promotes and inculcates ethical standards, values and norms, Dhaka International University (DIU) is committed to the ideals of equal opportunity, transparency, and non-discrimination. The primary mission of DIU is to provide, at a reasonable cost, tertiary education characterized by academic excellence in a range of subjects that are particularly relevant to current and anticipated societal needs.

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