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Pubali Bank is a commercial public bank in Bangladesh. Pubali Bank is established in the year 1972. But the bank is known as EBL in the year in 1983. There are many services in this bank such as Loan & Advances, Deposit Service, Remittances and miscellaneous.



There are total 427 branches in the country. Pubali Bank has the good network all over the country. Pubali Bank is the most popular bank in Bangladesh. At present, Pubali Bank has the largest real time centralized online banking network. Hafiz Ahmed Mazumder is the Chairman of the Pubali Bank. Pubali Bank' website is

Name of Chairman: Hafiz Ahmed Mazumder

Head Office:

26, Dilkhusha Commercial Area,


Email:           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax:              +880-2-9564009
Phone:          +880-2-9551614
                      EXT.-278, 322

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