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Once upon a time, there was a king in champa nagar. His name was Chandrapir, Sulochona was his queen. They had a very beautiful daughter. His name was Tribhuban Sundari. Many princes proposed to marry her. But she could not like any one. She would marry a youth, who should be learned, intelligent and strong. 

How a Bridegroom was Selected

One day four young men come to the palace and proposed to marry the princess. They were equally learned, intelligent and strong. They were modest and gentle. They were also quite handsome to look at.

The king was in fix. Who should be select? ‘He asked’ them if they had any special virtue.



In reply one of them said, “I weave a piece of fine cloth everyday. I sell and earn five gold coins. I spend one of them for God, one for the Brahmins, one for the beggars and one for myself. I lay by the fifth one for her, whom I shall marry”


The second youth said, “I know the language of the birds and the beasts”


“I read the scriptures” said the third man, “and have a vast knowledge about them”


“I can pierce anybody with an arrow following only his voice,” said the fourth man, “and I need not see him.”


“Now, say O king! Which of the four youths should be selected as the bridegroom of the princess?” said Betal. “You must give reason for your answer.”



“The first youth appears to be a weaver and he is a Sudra by caste. The second man knows the language of the birds and beasts; so he is a Baisya by class. The third man reads and knows the scriptures; he is therefore, a Brahmin. None of these three is a Kshatria; so, none of them can be selected as the bridegroom. But the fourth man knows how to use weapons; and he belongs to the Kshatria class. He alone has, therefore, the claim to be the bridegroom of the daughter of a king, who is a Kshatria by caste.”


“Yes, right you are! So saying Beatal climbed the tree again.

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