FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 starts from 12th July. This is the most popular game in whole world. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) arranges the game every four years in different countries and select one champion team for next four years.

This year FIFA World Cup 2014 is hosting in Brazil. In this world cup tournament, there are 32 teams participant in eight group (A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H). Four teams will play in each group. The tournament is hosting by 12 different cities at 12 different stadium/venue (destination).

There are 32 teams are playing #FIFA World Cup. #FIFA World Cup Teams 2014 you can see from here:


FIFA World Cup Teams


In the FIFA World Cup 2014 there are eight group playing and there are four teams in each group. See the groups here:


FIFA World Cup Goup


There are several attractive award of the game for best performers. Those are:-

  • Man of the Match
  • adidas Golden ball
  • adidas Golden Glove
  • adidas Golden Boot
  • Fair Play Award
  • Hyundai Young Player Award

See the awards picture with name:


FIFA World Cup 2014 Awards


There are 12 cities are hosting this World Cup event. Hosted City and Stadium:

  • City: Belo Horizonte; Stadium: Estadio Mineirao.
  • City: Curitiba; Stadium: Arena da Baixada.
  • City: Natal; Stadium: Estadio das Dunas.
  • City: Rio de Janeiro; Stadium: Maracanã - Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho.
  • City: Brasilia; Stadium: Estadio Nacional.
  • City: Fortaleza; Stadium: Estadio Castelao.
  • City: Porto Alegre; Stadium: Estadio Beira-Rio.
  • City: Salvador; Stadium: Arena Fonte Nova.
  • City: Cuiaba; Stadium: Arena Pantanal.
  • City: Manaus; Stadium: Arena Amazonia.
  • City: Recife; Stadium: Arena Pernambuco.
  • City: Sao Paulo; Stadium: Arena Corinthians.

See the group match schedule of #FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil:


2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group Match Schedule



Which team do you support? #Brazil, #Argentina or any other team? you can write it in comment area and support your team.

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