Saiham Cotton Mills Ltd. IPO Form and Prospectus Submission: 08.03.2012 to 12.03.2012

EXIM Bank Management Trainee Officer recruitment test result has been published. Successful candidates are asked to attend the interview for the post of Management Trainee Officer of the Bank. You can see the date and time of the interview mentioned against their roll number of the candidate.

GPH Ispat Ltd IPO Form And Prospectus. Submission: 02.02.2012 to 09.02.2012
GSP Finance IPO Form and Prospectus. Submission: 08.01.2012 to 12.01.2012
GSP Finance IPO Result
Padma Islami Life Insurance IPO Form and Prospectus. Submission: 22.01.2012 to 26.01.2012