• Khulna

    Khulna is located in south-western side of the country with a total area of 59.57 sq km on the bank of Bay of Bengal. It is the third biggest city of the country.

    royal bengal tiger

    In the southern part of the delta lines the Sundarban, is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Khulna is famous for shrimp, newsprint paper and some other industries.

    The main attraction of khulna is Sunnderban. This is world's largest mangrove belt in the world, stretching 80 km into the Bangladesh hinterland from the cost.

    The forest is located about 320 km south-west of Dhaka and it is spared over an area of about 60000 sq. km.


    The Sunderban is not just a mangrove swamps, it is included some of last remaining stands of the jungles which once covered with Gangetic plain.

    One-third of Sunderban is covered in water and there are about 400 Royal Bengal Tigers and 30000 spotted deers. The forests is hoe of different kind of Birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, fishes and many others animals.

    The beautiful surrounded Sunderban has declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.Hiron Point, Katka and Tin Kona island offer the best vantage points for watching tigers, deers, monkeys, birds, crocodiles and natural beauty. Dublar Char, a fishermen village is a beautiful island for tourists.


    Special attractions:-

    Mongla Seaport


    Shat Gambuj Mosque

    Shrine of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali


    Ronvijoypur Mosque


    How to go:-

    You can go there by Bus, Train but around the sunderban water transport like private motor launches, speedboats, country boats are only one way to move.


    Where to Stay:-

    There are some hotels list below of Khulna -

    Hotel Royal International 

    Western Inn international

    Khulna hotel

    Society Hotel

    Hotel Arcadia

    Hotel Jalico

    Hotel Babla

    Hotel Castle Salam

    Grand Hotel, Jessore

    Banchte Shekha, Jessore

    Hotel Midtoen, Jessore.

  • Visit Sundarbans

    Sundarban is the Largest Mangrove forest in the world located in southern Bangladesh and a small part of India state of West Bengal. Area hold by sundarban is 10,000 square kilometers and nearest cities are Khulna, Satkhira District, Gosaba, Namkhana and Bagerhat Sadar Upazila.