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Bangladesh is a small country with a lot of natural beauty. Dhaka is the capital city which is very busy and populated city with huge traffic. People can move by their own car easily, bus service is not that much good. To move to your destination place rent a car or taxi on rent is better way. In Bangladesh we can divide transport service in different categories considering distance.


1. Taxi or Rent a Car: if you want to go long or short distances. You can find different taxi running on road (not always available) or you can contact for rent a car/taxi company for your transport.

2. Baby Taxi is three wheel auto rickshaw used for Medium distances. It is also called CNG. You may get it from running on the road (available) or can call to the rent company.

3. Rent a Car is the best choice for long distance or day long transportation. It is also best choice for a city tour. Best way to get a car is to contact a rent-a-car company.

 If you need a car for rent, you can contact me. Car is available for daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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Just let us know your requirment, we will contact with you ASAP.

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