National University has extend the undertaking later submit date till 27 July 2021 for 1st year to 2nd year auto promoted students.  NU Bangladesh recently decided to give conditional auto promotion for the 1st year's students.

Because around the last year about the 4,67,835 students were failed to attend to the exam for the covid-19 pandemic infection.



Now the students just have to submit acknowledgement paper to the college get promotion in 2nd year. This decision may help them to keep on their study in next study level.

NU 1st Year Exam Routine

The university and the government also thinking about other baches.


The students who have completed their registration, online course, attend in course exam and submit application with fee to attend to the 1st year exam only they will get this conditional opportunity.

NU 1st Year Exam Result

NU First Year Student Auto Promotion Notice

NU first year to second year auto promotionNU first year to second year auto promotion conditions

This announcement is applicable for the students of session 2018-19, 2017-18, 2016-17 and exam year 2020.


The students must be aware that the 1st year exam will be taken when covid-19 situation will be improved and the must achieved above 'D' grade in minimum 3 subjects. Otherwise the promotion will be cancelled.

Testimonial, acknowledgement and commitment form is given below as pdf file. Collect it and submit with appropriate information.

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