35th BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) final result has been published on 16 August 2016. Total 2158 candidates has selected for general and professional/technical catagory to join as bcs cader.

Total 3359 candidates has also been selected written and oral test .

BCS viva voce will be held from 31 January 2016.

BCS preliminary exam result was published on 08 April 2015. Total 20 thousand 3 hundred 91 candidates was selected for 35th BCS written exam. Written exam result was published on 13 January 2016. Total 6088 candidates was selected for general and professional/technical catagory.

Total 2,44,107 candidates was attended to the preliminary exam.

The result is available here as pdf file for download. 

BCS Exam Date and Schedule

BCS Exam Seat Plan 

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC).

Download the 35th BCS Final, Written and Preliminary (MCQ) Exam Result from here.

BCS Preliminary Exam Result

35th BCS Exam Result is given below as attached file.

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